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Make Quality Time.

There is a different car for each kind of family.
And all of them have one name: the All-New Santa Fe.


Every family is different.
To build the perfect family car, you have to understand every single family like we do.
The All-New Santa Fe was built to fit all varieties
of the modern family – no matter how it looks like.
Santafe Highlight 01 680x380, Hyundai Brunei
Santafe Highlight 02 680x380, Hyundai Brunei


We know that nothing is more important than spending quality time with family and friends.That is why the All-New Santa Fe gives you thecomfort and freedom to enjoy those preciousmoments with your loved ones.Anytime, anywhere.


Wide cascading radiator grille and separate DRL & headlamps.

High-tech look

Santa Fe Front Main, Hyundai Brunei
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Radiator Grille

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

LED Headlamps


Stretched character line and robust wheel arch design.

Dynamic silhouette

Santafe Design Side Main, Hyundai Brunei
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Beltline Molding

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Outside door Handles

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Outside Mirror Repeaters

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Panorama Sunroof

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei
17 inch Alloy Wheels
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei
18 inch Alloy Wheels
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei
19 inch Alloy Wheels
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei
19 inch Dark Sputtering Wheels


3D-type LED lamps and a bold horizontal ‘edge line’.

Bold proportions

Santafe Design Side Main, Hyundai Brunei
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

LED Rear lamp

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Rear Spoiler

Load your life with quality time.

Roomy interiors with increased legroom and plenty of space in the trunk offer all the comfort you need for greater moments with your family.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei


Feel the interior atmosphere of Hyundai’s next generation SUV.
The dashboard feels wide & open and provides maximum visibility with a floating type Audio Video Navigation.
The ample interior space is complemented with refined and comfortable seats.

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SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Seats & Trunk

No matter the size of your family, or whether you are into picnics, golfing or camping, the 7-passenger Santa Fe
offers full flexibility with multiple seat configurations available.
There are multiple configurations possible to fit your needs.
With the 2nd and 3rd row folded flat, there’s plenty of cargo space to load up on quality time with..

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

A family car,
with just as much energy.

To endure road trip after road trip, the Santa Fe comes in diesel or gasoline engines
with 6 or 8-speed transmissions offering maximum fuel efficiency and durability.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

2.4 MPi Gasoline engine

A maximum power of 172ps at 6,000 rpm and
a maximum torque of 22.9kgf·m at 4,000rpm.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

2.0 CRDi Diesel engine

A maximum power of 200ps at 3,800 rpm and
a maximum torque of 45.0kgf·m at 1,750~2,750rpm.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

6 or 8-speed auto transmission

Automatic transmissions are available in all engine types for a more convenient and comfortable drive.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

6-speed manual transmission

The manual transmission increases the fun of the drive, but still keeps the ride smooth.


HTRAC is an electronic all-wheel drive system that automatically detects vehicle’s speed and road conditions to control braking between the left and right wheels and apply active torque control between the front and rear axles, in order to ensure stability while driving and cornering on slippery roads.

Santafe Performance Htrac, Hyundai Brunei
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Drive mode

The color of the instrument panel changes according to the driving mode selected (Comfort, ECO or Sport). Comfort mode provides optimized torque transfer for a stable driving, ECO mode prioritizes fuel economy, while Sport mode boost performance to deliver a dynamic drive. Finally, use the Smart mode to automatically switch among the other modes based on road conditions and driving style.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

7 Hyundai SmartSense™
features as standard

Calm inside,
no matter what’s on the outside.

Our Calm Technology includes a number of safety features such as
the Safe Exit Assist and Rear Occupant Alert, leaving you to focus on what’s important.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

6-airbag system

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

A 6-airbag system with front & side airbags and curtain airbags offers broad collision protection.
Advanced frontal airbags determine when and how to deploy pressure in an accident by sensing occupant’s position, seat belt use and the severity of the crash.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Rear Occupant Alert (ROA)

The Rear Occupant Alert detects movement in the rear seats and reminds the driver there are rear occupants with an alert on the cluster.
If the system detects movement after the driver has left the car and locked it, it sets off a sound alarm.
  • First in class
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Safe Exit Assist (SEA)

Keep your family safe with the Safe Exit Assist. The system senses vehicles approaching from the rear and keeps the child lock active preventing passengers from getting out. When the vehicles have passed, a simple push of a button unlocks the door for a safe exit.
  • First in class
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

This system recognizes signs of driver’s fatigue an issues and alert advising the driver to take a break.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Surround View Monitor (SVM)

A multi-camera system provides a 360-degree view around the vehicle to assist the driver in parking situations.

Packed with features.
Ready for stories.

With the comforts inside the car, you will never again miss an important family moment.
The head-up display provides information directly and conveniently on the front windshield glass,
the wireless charging feature lets you charge your phone with ease,
and with the integrated memory seat you no longer have to adjust your seat every time you get into the car.

SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Head Up Display (HUD)

Featuring excellent visibility, the new head-up display helps you stay safe by projecting important information like speed, navigation commands,
and warnings directly on the windshield.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Wireless smartphone charger

Located in the center console, a wireless charging pad lets you easily charge a compatible smartphone without the use of cables.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Integrated Memory System (IMS)

For maximum convenience, the IMS memorizes up to 2 drivers’ preferred seating position, outside mirrors & HUD setting values, in order to instantly set the drivers’ preferences with the touch of a button.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

One-Touch Folding

The One-Touch Folding feature allows you to fold the 2nd row seat easily by the push of a button.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Walk-in Handle

Climb into the car easily by gripping the rear seat Walk-in Handle located in the inside of the car.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Smart Tailgate System

Load luggage more easily with the use of the smart tailgate system which automatically opens the trunk within only 3 seconds when standing near its perimeter with the smart key.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Infinity™ speakers

The premium sound system from Infinity™ delivers spectacular sound performance so you can enjoy your favorite track with your family.
This feature may differ in certain markets.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei

Rear door manual side curtain

For those who want more than just tinted windows, manual rear door side curtains give you an extra layer of privacy and protection from the sun.
SantaFe, Hyundai Brunei



• Some of the equipment illustrated or described in this catalog or website may not be supplied as standard equipment.
• Hyundai Motor Co. reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without prior notice.
• The color plates shown may vary slightly from the actual colors due to the limitations of the printing process.
• Please consult your local dealer for full information and availability on colors and trims.