Stay connected.

Elantra’s highly advanced connectivity features are extremely intuitive and easy to use, keeping you connected with the car and bringing greater innovation to your driving experience.

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Stay Connected World Pc, Hyundai Brunei

Personalized profile

Select your own personalized profile and have everything at your fingertips – from seat positioning to navigation, from radio stations to sound settings.

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Bluetooth Multiconnection Original, Hyundai Brunei

Bluetooth multi-pairing

While driving, switch music between 2 smartphones wirelessly connected
at one time.

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Wireless Smartphone Charger Original, Hyundai Brunei

Wireless smartphone charging

Wireless charging that is as simple as placing your phone on
the charging pad.

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Bose Premium Sound System Original, Hyundai Brunei

BOSE premium sound system

Elantra’s 8 high-performance speakers deliver precise, powerful sound, ranging from low- to high-pitched tones at volumes that adjust according to the speed of your vehicle.

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Basic Audio System Pc, Hyundai Brunei

Basic audio system

Elantra Cn7 Convenience 8inch Display Audio System Pc, Hyundai Brunei

8″ display audio system

Elantra Cn7 Convenience 10don25inch Navigation Display System Pc, Hyundai Brunei

10.25″ navigation display

Elantra Cn7 Convenience 10don25inch Lcd Touch Screen Pc, Hyundai Brunei

10.25″ full color cluster display

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Sideview Mirrors Pc, Hyundai Brunei

Exterior sideview mirrors

(heated, power folding, LED turn signal indicators)

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Memory System For Drivers Seat Pc, Hyundai Brunei

Memory system for driver’s seat

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Electronic Parking Brake Pc, Hyundai Brunei

Electronic parking brake

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Manual Air Conditioner Pc, Hyundai Brunei

Manual air conditioner

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Dual Full Auto Air Conditioner Pc, Hyundai Brunei

Dual full auto air conditioner

Elantra Cn7 Convenience Ventilated Front Seats Pc, Hyundai Brunei

Ventilated front seats


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