i20 A Car that makes your heart beat 2015 Golden Steering Wheel Winner trophy logo BND 18,XXX Monthly from BND 2XX


Fluidic Sculpture 2.0

Hyundai’s “Fluidic Sculpture 2.0” design philosophy is strengthened by dynamically stretched headlamps and the precise surface contouring. The purposeful stance of new i20 is further enhanced by the “floating roof” effect created by the gloss black C-pillar.

The New Generation i20 has been named as winners of
        Red Dot Design Awards 2015 in the Automotive category
     Product under the Automobiles / Vehicles / Bikes category

Projection headlamps with LED daytime running lights (DRL)

Designed and developed in Europe, New Generation i20 has a sleek and eye-catching appearance. This latest interpretation of Hyundai’s “Fluidic Sculpture 2.0” design philosophy is enhanced by stylish bi-function headlamps with LED daytime running lights.

Radiator grille

The bold new front now features a distinctive dual element grille giving i20 a stylish new smile.

LED rear combination lamps

The new rear combination lamps provide a distinct high tech character to the car. With the LED lights providing maximum brightness and enhanced safety.

Panorama sunroof

i20’s cabin is bright and airy through its unique, optional panoramic sunroof and ‘best in class’ spaciousness.

Full-flat trunk space

Struggling to squeeze in huge luggage? 
Well, no more of that with i20’s full-flat trunk space. The rear seats fold partially or fully to give you the utmost flexibility in arranging luggage and passenger space. Just fold the seats, toss in the luggage and that’s it!

Convenience space

So convenient you forget you are driving. A whole variety of features for maximum convenience and satisfaction includes the TFT LCD cluster with clear and easy-to-see indication, and the user-centric remote controls enabling you to operate various functions intuitively with just one thumb.

Lane departure warning system (LDWS)

No need to worry about drifting with New Generation i20’s Lane departure warning system (LDWS). It alerts the driver with an instant visual and audible warning of any unintentional departure from the lane you’re driving in.

Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

The Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) will keep you informed throughout your entire journey with the latest information beamed straight to your dashboard via sensors.


A design to steal your gaze From the headlamps to the sporty roofline, and from the sharp character line to the sleek C-pillar, you just can't take your eyes off. Projection headlamps with LED daytime running lights (DRL) It's not just another set of projection headlamps. It's unique and secures optimal visibility and safety. What's more? LED daytime running lights (DRL) illuminate the darkness to escort you even after you park and lock the car! Radiator grille Get ready to be captivated by the classy chrome-framed hexagonal grille that gives a marvelous finishing touch to the overall impression of the car. Front fog lamps Additional front lighting helps illuminate the way through fog and heavy rain.

A design to steal your gaze From the headlamps to the sporty roofline, and from the sharp character line to the sleek C-pillar, you just can't take your eyes off. Panorama sunroof Get ready for exciting open-air driving with i20's power one touch panorama sunroof, a unique feature in this class. Outside mirror repeaters Everything needs to be edgy on an edgy car. Even the mirrors! i20's electrically heated and adjustable wide-view exterior mirrors are not only irresistibly attractive but also have edgy style repeaters to promote safer lane changes.

A design to steal your gaze From the headlamps to the sporty roofline, and from the sharp character line to the sleek C-pillar, you just can't take your eyes off. LED rear combination lamps Enjoy the gaze from behind. It's stylish, quick, long-lasting, plus power efficient. i20's LED rear combination lamps are in perfect harmony with the side character line endowing the car with a clear visibility and delicacy. High-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) Watch out, I'm braking! A high-mounted stop lamp (HMSL), just at the eye level of drivers behind you, makes sure they know you are braking.

Privacy glass
For passengers’ privacy and convenience, the windows on the second row and the rear are darkly tinted.

Waistline molding
The exquisite waistline molding integrates splendidly with the front and rear bumper, giving an agile and aerodynamic look to the vehicle as well as preventing side scratches.

Feel the sophisticated sense of style and the highest quality of i20’s sport design wheels. Whether you pick 15″ steel wheels or 16″ alloy wheels, you will be more than satisfied with their stylish and sporty look.


A considerate and
sensuous space at your service

Once you fall into its emotional interior design, you might not want to get out of the car.

Slide Cappuccino Grayish Blue Elegant Beige Comfort Gray

Storage system (cup holder)
Conveniently positioned between the front seats.

Storage system (door)
1.5 liter bottles can be securely stowed in the front door pockets, while the rear doors can accommodate 1 liter bottles.

Floor console
Extra stowage in the center console with a lid that forms a comfortable padded armrest.


1.4 MPi gasoline engine

The 1.4 MPi engine is capable of a maximum 100 ps at 6,000 while its peak torque rating of 13.7 kg·m is reached at 3,500 rpm.

The 6-speed manual transmission is standard with all engines except the 1.25-liter engines that are equipped with a 5-speed manual. A 4-speed automatic transmission is available for the 1.4-liter gasoline engine.

Front McPherson strut type suspension
The McPherson strut suspension in the front delivers excellent rigidity and durability for superior handling and collision safety


Thinking about safety?
then you have the answer

It’s you and your family’s safety we are talking about. i20 has all the technology to keep you safe.

Electronic stability control (ESC) and Vehicle stability management (VSM) To ensure optimal braking performance, electronic stability control (ESC) automatically distributes optimum brake force to each wheel based on engine torque and driving circumstances. Vehicle stability management (VSM) enables the vehicle to maintain maximized stability and safety when driving in potential skidding situations. Anti-lock brake system (ABS) The anti-lock brake system (ABS) prevents skidding and wheel lock-up on slippery surfaces or during sudden braking situations all the while allowing you to retain steering control. Brake assist system (BAS) Brake assist system (BAS) detects if the driver is trying to make an emergency stop and instantly increases braking pressure to prevent accidents.

6-airbag system
6-airbag system consists of driver and passenger airbags, front side airbags, and front and rear curtain airbags to keep you and the passengers safe in case of collision from any direction.

Emergency stop signal (ESS)
In the event of an emergency stop, the vehicle automatically flashes emergency lights to alert the drivers behind and reduces the possibility of rear-end collision.

Power window adjustment controls
All side windows can be raised and lowered remotely. Front windows have a one-touch Auto up / down function.


Enjoy comfort, control and class with driver-focused technology features that deliver a unique driving experience.

Front & rear parking assist system (PAS))

Parking has never been so easy! Front & rear parking assist system (PAS) ensures safe and hassle-free parking with ultrasonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers, which warn the driver both audibly and visually when obstacles are near the bumper while parking.

Rear camera display (RCD) system

Like having eyes at the back of your head. Rear camera display (RCD) system improves the rear-view visibility and assists the driver in detecting objects while reversing, and is especially helpful during nighttime driving and reverse parking.

Navigation system

Seamlessly integrated easy-to-use navigation system features a 7″ color LCD touch screen and hands-free Bluetooth™ system.

Full auto air conditioning system

The full auto air conditioning system allows you to set your desired temperature, and the system will take care of the rest. What’s more, you can keep the windows clear anytime with the auto-defog function.

Smart key & Engine start / stop button
Keyless push button starting is possible when smart key is on board with you, be it in your pocket or your bag.

Audio system (Radio / CD / MP3)
Enjoy listening to the radio or play your favorite music with i20’s high quality audio system.

Dash-top docking system
Smartphone docking station safely holds your smart phone while charging the battery and is in a perfect position for using the phone as a navigation and playing your favorite music.

Connectivity (AUX and USB)
AUX and USB ports provide easy connectivity for your favorite music files stored in all kinds of portable devices including your smart phone and MP3 player. Just plug and play, on the move.

Rain sensor
The rain sensor automatically activates the wipers upon rain detection and adjusts the wiper frequency according to the intensity of the rain.

Supervision cluster with color TFT LCD
i20’s supervision cluster is a highly intuitive integrated information system with color TFT LED panel that promises you optimal visibility and safety. The cluster carefully and ergonomically designed for you featuring easy-to-read dials and eye-soothing blue LED illumination.

Manual tilt & telescopic power steering wheel
The steering column features manual telescopic and tilt adjustment for both reach and rake, promising you the most comfortable driving position.


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