Outstanding comfort with dynamic possibilities

No matter where you choose to go, H-1’s robust exterior design provides the ideal comfort for modern travelling and offers driving dynamics in style with innovative features including powerful 16″ alloy wheels that brilliantly enhance its spacious and grand appearance.


Distinctive headlamps ensure greater safety with enhanced illumination and are an unmistakable character of the Hyundai family.


Rigid vehicle body structure comes with standard steel wheels or optional 16″” alloy wheels that are exceptionally agile with their lightweight design.

Radiator grille

The modern finish of Hyundai’s chrome-coated radiator grille is even more eye-catching with its attractive design.

Expand your seating capacity

The flexible ergonomic seating of H-1’s practical and sophisticated interior design provides premium comfort and style throughout long journeys wherever you go.



Roof antenna

Good radio reception wherever you go is possible thanks to the standard roof-mounted antenna.

16″ steel wheels

These strong steel wheels are standard equipment across most H-1 models.

Heated outside mirrors

Suitable for cold weather conditions, the exterior design features heated upper and lower mirrors that can be easily adjusted with the window remote control.



Versatility is the latest fashion

H-1 is the correct answer when delivering people take priority over packages while it is primarily a practical, hard-working carrier.
The layout means there is plenty of space for professional working equipment, sport gear or holiday luggage. Interior comfort and refinement of the type normally associated with passenger cars are complemented by full length side windows.

Sun visor

The sun visor is designed using a knit-embossed fabric for a luxurious feel and incorporating a pocket-type ticket holder for convenience.

Storage system (map pockets)

Side storage space on the inner side of the doors can hold magazines, maps and paperwork that are essential on journeys.

Electric chromic mirror (ECM)

The rear-view mirror detects the amount of light from other vehicles’ head lamps and automatically reduces the glare.

Overhead console

A sunglasses case is provided in spot that is convenient to reach even while driving.

Room lamp

The cabin can be illuminated by a choice of 6-ambient colors thanks to the roof-mounted LED room lamps.

Cup holders

The console between the driver and front seat passenger is available with a retractable holder for a couple of bottles or cups.


2.4 MPi gasoline engine

The 2.4 MPi gasoline engine is capable of a maximum 175 ps at 6,000 rpm and 23.2 kg∙m torque at 4,200 rpm.
  • Only available in select regions
  • Depending on the region, there may be some differences.

2.5 CRDi diesel engine

The 2.5 CRDi diesel engine with VGT produces a maximum 170 ps at 3,600 rpm while its peak torque rating of 45.0 kg∙m is reached at 2,000 ~ 2,250 rpm.
  • Only available in select regions
  • Depending on the region, there may be some differences.

Maneuvers made easy

Conveniently turn the large H-1 around anywhere. Despite having a length of more than 5 meters, the H-1’s turning radius is only 5.6 meters wide. So, tight turns are no problem for this large, versatile and capable van.

Silver buttons of H-1’s auto cruise control
Auto cruise control

Auto cruise control lets you set and maintain your desired speed. It’s perfect for long road trips, because it prevents you from accidentally passing the speed limit. At the same time, you can let your feet relax while saving fuel.
  • Only available in select regions
  • Only available with A-2.5 / automatic transmission.


Electronic stability control (ESC)

Allows for greater control when braking suddenly, by manipulating brake pressure and engine output to allow you to steer effectively during emergency braking.

Airbag systems

The driver and front seat passenger in the H-1 can be reassured by added side airbags, which offers additional protection against side impacts. In a serious accident, the safety devices instantly inflate to help protect the seat occupants from injury.

Safety window adjustment control system

Safety sensors on the power windows prevent pinching whenever an obstacle is detected. When detecting an obstacle. The window automatically reverses direction when an obstacle is detected.

16″ disc brakes

16″ disc brakes are available on all wheels, providing maximum stopping performance and outstanding control, even when the large H-1 is fully loaded with passengers and cargo.


Folding key

Get used to the convenience of locking and unlocking your H-1. It provides protection against any unauthorized entry.

Electric folding outside mirrors

Protect side mirrors when parking by folding them in using H-1’s electronic folding mirror feature.

Rear parking assist system (RPAS)

Sensors in the bumpers sound an audible alarm if they detect the vehicle is being reversed into objects hidden from the driver’s view.

Double swing rear doors

For maximized practicality, customer can choose double swing rear doors as option in van model.

Window controls

Allow you to open and close windows as much as you wish with greater convenience and ease.

3-way washer jets

3-way washer jets spray washer fluid on windshield when cleaning is needed without disturbing flowing frontal treatment.



• Some of the equipment illustrated or described in this catalog or website may not be supplied as standard equipment.
• Hyundai Motor Co. reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without prior notice.
• The color plates shown may vary slightly from the actual colors due to the limitations of the printing process.
• Please consult your local dealer for full information and availability on colors and trims.