Inimitable excellence

Refined and practical styling based on the Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design philosophy. Enhanced design of the front and rear lamps contributes to the glamorous looks of the front and luxurious looks of the rear.

Powerfully attractive

The bolder front grille with chrome treatment, neat and simple LED fog lamps and sleeker exterior body are just more than enough to heighten your confidence.

Beautifully active

i40 turns people’s heads with its uniquely audacious character line and upgraded features including sharp and precise LED rear lamps and enhanced 16 ~ 18″ alloy wheels.

Interior package

i40’s cockpit has everything a driver desires. First, the fine audio system with 6 speakers, external power amplifier and sub-woofer delivers premium quality sound to the cabin. Then there’s the 4.3″ color TFT LCD with unprecedented clarity and also the latest 7″ navigation system with intuitive and direct interface.
  • Only available in select regions

7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT)

A Dual-clutch transmission (DCT), sometimes called a twin-clutch transmission or a double-clutch transmission, is a type of automatic transmission that uses 2 separate clutches for odd and even gear sets

! Only available with the certain engine types

Rear electronic controlled suspension

It provides the driver with a choice of settings for the rear axle. This is particularly important for a Wagon so that the ride and handling can be tuned to match the weight of cargo in the load space. It can be manually switched between hard or soft mode, or left in automatic to respond as necessary.

! Only available in select regions


Rear wiper

The rear wiper ensures high wiping efficiency and clearer Rear.

Wiper de-icer

A heating element embedded in the lower windscreen melts away ice and frees up frozen wipers.


A sporty, high-tech experience, inside and out

Who comes first when it comes to the driver’s-seat design?
The driver, of course. Everything about the cabin, from its roominess to flowing plane, was made to provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience.

Interior design

To ensure i40 would meet the high expectations of European customers, the interior specifications called for the use of premium grade electrical components and superior quality trim parts.

Storage system (floor console)

The floor console’s multi-box access opens to different compartments providing a place for everything from CDs to other small item. All within a simply soft place to rest your arm.

Storage system (cup holders)

The floor console has a handy place for storing a couple of water bottles or those odds and ends. A sliding cover helps keep a neat appearance.

Glove box

The glove box comes with a cooling function for drivers and passengers to enjoy pleasantly cooled refreshments on the road.

Sport bucket seat

Designed specifically for young and young-minded buyers, the sports bucket seats come with improved side bolsters and project pure dynamism. Available with the black interior only.

Door scuff

A feature common in luxury cars, door scuffs protect the i40’s sills from scratches and shoe marks. Get in and out, without being too careful.

Luggage net & Hook

Unsecured luggage can be a safety hazard. The luggage net provides a fast and easy solution.

Drive mode system

Drivers can optimize their drive mode based on feedback from the road and a variety of driving conditions. Drive mode system has different mode type depending on transmission.


2.0 MPi gasoline engine

The Multi-point fuel injection (MPi) version delivers 152 ps at 6,200 rpm while peak torque measures 19.6 kg·m at 4,000 rpm.

6-speed automatic transmission

6 gears are better than 5 – especially if the 6-speed automatic transmission is more compact, smoother and quieter than the 5-speed automatic transmission it replaces. And that’s just what Hyundai has done, adding an extra gear to boost fuel economy.

6-speed manual transmission

For driving purists who prefer to do their own shifting, Hyundai offers a 6-speed manual transmission. Economical, quiet, ultra-smooth and durable.


Sudden surprises and obstacles,
now obsolete

When you are traveling, you encounter obstacles and adverse situations that can take you by surprise.
Not to worry, i40 comes equipped with many safety features designed to keep you out of these situations. 

9-airbag system

With up to 9 airbags available, including each driver and passenger airbags, front and rear curtain airbags and 2 front thorax-pelvis side airbags and 2 rear thorax side airbags at the outboard seating positions plus an airbag offering driver knee protection, i40 takes every possible precaution to reduce the risk of serious injury.

Hill-start assist control (HAC)

This technology brings peace of mind and ends all anxieties about the vehicle rolling backwards when the foot is taken off the brake after a stop on a steep hill.

Static bending lights (SBL)

Static bending lights (SBL) turn on when you activate the right or the left turn signal while turning or taking a bend. It helps illuminate pedestrians and obstacles on the road.

Driver seat’s knee airbag

Installed just below the steering wheel, this airbag is designed to reduce the risk of serious injuries to the driver’s legs and knees in the event of a serious frontal collision.

Electric parking brake (EPB)

The brake frees up precious cabin space. The button switch is computer linked, so it’s smart.

Child anchor system

The easy-to-use ISOFIX ensures the child seat securely anchored for maximum safety.



Supervision cluster with 4.2″ color TFT LCD

A small marvel of electronic engineering, the supervision cluster with 4.2″ color TFT LCD brings unprecedented clarity and brilliance to information display, something it manages to do while actually relaxing the eyes and making everything easier to read. Nestled between the twin cylinders, the LCD information display reveals a variety of useful information including driving distance, average fuel consumption, parking assist system, and etc.

HID headlamps with Adaptive front lighting system (AFLS)

Activating the left or right turn signal when executing a turn or negotiating a curve turns on the corresponding static bending light. Standard on all models, it helps illuminate pedestrians or obstacles. The optional Adaptive front lighting system (AFLS) uses a pivoting mechanism linked to the steering direction to continuously aim the headlamps in the direction of travel with, low / high bi-functional mode.

Sound system with 6 speakers

The standard audio configuration comes with and 6 speakers delivering rich, wonderful sound. Upgrade options include 6 CD-changer and an infinity amplifier with sub-woofer.

Front & Rear parking assist system (PAS)

This optional system helps you park safely. Shift into reverse, and sensors in the front and rear bumpers will start to measure proximity when you’re too close, you’ll get an audible alert. A rear-view display system is also available as part of an optional package.

Seat folding system

For added versatility, the rear seat backrests feature a 6:4 split, so you can still carry the luggage plus a rear seat passenger or two. In addition, rear seat backrests fold flat into the floor for more space.

Audio system (Radio / CD / MP3)

The standard audio system with 6 speakers, an AM/FM radio and CD player with MP3 playback capability. The premium audio system brings a 6 CD-changer and an external power amplifier with sub-woofer.

Engine start / stop button

Engine start / stop button eliminates one needless step: inserting the key into the ignition. As long as you have the key, i40 can be started and turned off with a simple push of the button.

Paddle shifters

Enjoy rapid-fire, up-shifts and down-shifts with these steering column-mounted paddles, with design inspired by the shifters found on high-end sports cars.

Connectivity (AUX and USB)

Connective ports are provided to connect most types of personal music players including USB memory devices.

Light control buttons

i40 gets a European-style light switch mounted on the crash pad in response to research findings from customer focus groups.

Electronic mirror

Electronic chrome mirror (ECM) automatically senses and reduces light intrusion from following vehicles, dramatically reducing eye fatigue.



• Some of the equipment illustrated or described in this catalog or website may not be supplied as standard equipment.
• Hyundai Motor Co. reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without prior notice.
• The color plates shown may vary slightly from the actual colors due to the limitations of the printing process.
• Please consult your local dealer for full information and availability on colors and trims.