The All New Grand i10 Sedan makes a bold statement on the road while taking comfort and safety to a whole new level. An Ideal stylish sedan for your family.

Space so Comfortable

The All New Grand i10 Sedan is designed to match your style and family needs. The Stylish Exterior and ergonomic spacious interior of the Grand i10 Sedan gives you no other reason to drive any other car


Smooth, uncluttered with noticeable chrome embellishments bring an elegant and premium feel to Grand i10 and its proud owner.

Wheel Air Curtains
Air passage around the wheel area is curtailed while driving to increase mileage and for safety purpose.

Fog Lamps with LED DRL’s
The stylish new LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) add an extra touch of finesse to the front of the new Grand i10.

Alloy Wheels
The 2 tone Diamond cut R15 alloy wheels is machined to perfection which imparts an aesthetic appeal.

Shark Fin Antenna
Shark fin antenna adds a chic finish to the rear part of the roof and offers better signal connectivity.

Front Bumper
The All New Grand i10 front bumper design lends a Bold & Wide front look to the car.

Rear Dual Tone Bumper
The dual tone Rear bumper with sleek reflectors boost the sporty styling and offer a wider appeal to the rear.


From urban styling and generous space to superior mileage and array of features, the all New Grand i10 has everything an ideal family car needs. Every single feature has been designed for your family in the utmost style.

Floor console storage
Enjoy your favorite beverages on the move ensuring fresh and fatigue free journeys

Seat storage pockets
Seamlessly integrated seat back pocket is purposeful in stocking books or magazines to keep you indulged.

Luggage lamp
Activated with opening of trunk and ensures proper lighting to help locate / put objects in dark surroundings.

Center Console
Ideal for storing small utility items and gadgets like iPod or mobile phone while charging or playing

Cooled Glove Box
Keep your drinks or eatables cool and refreshing, a highly recommended feature in adverse climate conditions.

Boot space
All New Grand i10 offers ample luggage space to accommodate you and your loved ones’ weekend getaways.


Experience the exciting blend of power and efficiency, ride and handling, response and quietness, plus optimized aerodynamic performance. All in one car!

4-speed automatic transmission
Driving in traffic is a breeze with 4-speed automatic transmission available in the 1.2 Kappa petrol “S” variant.

5-speed manual transmission
Both petrol and diesel variants of the New Grand i10 offers light weight and robust 5-speed manual transmission for smooth and accurate gearshifts. Thus delivering optimum performance.


The all New Grand i10 offers a host of advance & high-tech features including
safety aspects that will give you and your family the protection they deserve.

Structural safety
The structural safety of the new Grand i10 gives special attention by using anti corrosive steel, ring structure for enhanced rigidity, special welding techniques for body robustness.

Power window adjustment controls
The door armrest switches aid in easy operation of windows and door locking / unlocking.

Steering Adaptive Guidelines
Useful for parking in tight spaces, the display on 7.0 Audio screen assists while reversing with the help of proximity sensors thus minimizing the risk of a possible collision.


When it comes to comfort and convenience, you and your family can
expect the best from the New Grand i10 with features so advanced it adds to your enhanced driving experience.

Storage system (door)
Storage system is useful for keeping essential papers and offers build in bottle holder.

Smart key
Smart key enables the owner to get inside the car with the press of a button on the door handles.

Engine push button start/stop
Hi-tech and convenient push button enables start and stop of the car with just a simple touch.

Driver Seat Height Adjustment
Driver seat height adjustment offers the best driving position for the person behind the wheel to enjoy a fatigue free drive.



• Some of the equipment illustrated or described in this catalog or website may not be supplied as standard equipment.
• Hyundai Motor Co. reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without prior notice.
• The color plates shown may vary slightly from the actual colors due to the limitations of the printing process.
• Please consult your local dealer for full information and availability on colors and trims.